Professional Development


Where certification/proof of completion of online continuing education cannot be provided, a report or completed worksheet on the subject matter must be submitted along with the SDTA Request Form.  Credits allotment will be determined by the Credentials Committee.   


Colgate -

Crest + Oral B -

Oral Science -


 Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) for Beginners






SDTA 2023 Annual Conference & AGM - April 28-30, 2023 

2022 Saskatchewan Oral Health Conference - Sept. 22-24, 2022


Pacific Dental Conference Virtual 2022 - March 9-11, 2023

SDHA Conference – March 24-25, 2023


Other links to continuing education:

Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Professional Development 
(online-Dispensary Assistant)

College of Dental Surgeons - Professional Development

Saskatchewan Dental Assistants Association - Professional Development

Saskatchewan Dental Hygeinists Association - Professional Development



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