Internationally Educated Dental Therapist Assessment and Gap Training Program

In Saskatchewan, dental therapists are governed by The Dental Disciplines Act (DDA) 1997 and the Saskatchewan Dental Therapists Association (SDTA) Bylaws. To practice dental therapy in the province of Saskatchewan, dental therapists must be registered and hold a membership with the SDTA. Once registered, Saskatchewan Dental Therapists must practice their profession in accordance with the SDTA Scope of Practice/Professional Standards. These processes protect the public's right to safe, effective, and ethical service from Saskatchewan dental therapists. 

All persons applying for registration with the SDTA must have successfully completed an educational program in dental therapy that is recognized by the SDTA council.

Internationally Educated Dental Therapists (IEDTs) that have obtained their dental therapy education from a school not recognized by the SDTA, must successfully complete the SDTA Internationally Educated Dental Therapist Assessment Program in order to apply for membership with the SDTA.    

The Program consists of assessment and gap training processes that will ensure the SDTA has a rigorous, consistent, transparent, fair and timely method to safely license qualified IEDTs seeking licensure in Saskatchewan.

The Program was developed for dental therapists trained outside of Canada to demonstrate their preventive, restorative skills and knowledge in an environment that assesses problem solving, judgement, communication and infection prevention and control and safety.

The Program consists of eight steps:

      1. 1. Eligibility Assessment Application
      2. 2. Academic Review
      3. 3. Gap Training Clinical Competency Assessment Training
      4. 4. Clinical Competency Assessment
      5. 5. Post-Assessment Remediation and Training
      6. 6. SDTA Registration and Restricted Licensure
      7. 7. SDTA Mentorship Program
      8. 8. Full Practicing Membership
  • Applicants must be trained as dental therapists to apply for the program - other oral health professions are not eligible.
  • IEDTs will be able to acquire missing knowledge or skills through gap training courses, provided by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Campus. 

The Clinical Competency Assessment and GAP Training is held at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, in Regina, Saskatchewan. The assessment requires a minimum of 3 applicants before a date is scheduled.

Those interested should contact the SDTA at to express their interest in being part of the Program. 

Priority will be given to applicants that are currently in Saskatchewan, and/or Canada. 

You will be asked to fill out the application form and provide the listed documentation.  

Saskatchewan Dental Therapists Association Internationally Educated Dental Therapists Assessment and GAP Training Program - APPLICATION

Saskatchewan Dental Therapists Association
P.O. Box 1114, Shaunavon, SK S0N 2M0
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