Professional Conduct/Discipline

The SDTA has the responsibility of ensuring safety of the public by regulating the profession of dental therapy in the province of Saskatchewan. If you have a concern regarding the conduct of a dental therapist it is recommended that you contact the dental therapist in question to discuss your concern. This alone may help to resolve you’re the concerns.

If this does not resolve your concern you can contact the Executive Director of the SDTA. The Executive Director may be able to resolve minor issues or misunderstandings. If not and you would like to make a formal complaint you will be asked to fill out a SDTA COMPLAINT REPORT. In order for the SDTA to proceed with your complaint we required that you complete and sign the AUTHORIZATION TO PROCEED and the AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION sections of the form.

The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for the SDTA to look into your complaint. If you need assistance in filling out the form, contact the Executive Director.

Once we have received the completed form and all necessary information, it will be forwarded to the Professional Conduct Committee. The Professional Conduct Committee is responsible for investigating complaints. The Committee is comprised of a minimum of three members of the Saskatchewan Dental Therapists Council (including one public representative). A copy of your complaint will be forwarded to the dental therapist along with a letter requesting their response/explanation of the complaint. You will be notified of their response/explanation.

The Committee will conduct a thorough review. Once their review is complete they may determine the following actions:

- The dental therapist is not at fault and the standards of practice of the profession were maintained;
- The matter should be dismissed, giving reasons in writing;
- A resolution may be achieved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties;
- The member may be required to appear before the Professional Conduct Committee to be cautioned;
- The matter may be referred to the Discipline Committee for action if sufficient evidence was found to suggest the dental therapist was suffering from physical or mental incapacity;
- There is sufficient evidence to support allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence and refer the matter to the Discipline Committee of the Council to hold a formal hearing (A discipline hearing is like a trial, where the Council acts as a prosecutor. Dental therapists are usually represented by lawyers, and as the complainant, you could be called as a witness to testify about the care you received).

Under the Dental Disciplines Act the SDTA cannot seek compensation on behalf of patients. The SDTA may in the process of resolving the complaint, recommend the payment for dental therapy services be refunded. However the dental therapist is under no obligation to accept such a recommendation. The SDTA does not have the authority to order compensation or damages due pain, suffering or out-of-packets expenses.

If a settlement cannot be reached the complainant may seek legal advice from hi/her own lawyer. Civil litigation may then be necessary.

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